Aeropress vs French Press: Press On

If you are interested in alternative brewing home methods then you have numerous options to choose from such as French and aero presses. At first glance, the two press brewing methods are found to be almost identical one but they both press options involve in the steeping coffee grounds in perfect temperature boiled water then you have to filter the coffee with a regular pump method to extract the coffee liquids. However, each coffee press device gives you a perfect taste and it is worth for your valuable money, so you have to compare and choose the best coffee pressing machine.

The aero press coffee press gives a clean, bright flavor of coffee because of its paper filters and when you use this coffee press you can get the super quick brew and prep in 1 to 3 minutes of time. This coffee press is suitable and best one for making the small coffee demand with the single person serve capacity.

You can choose any coffee pressing options between two aero press brewing and French press methods in which the aero press brewing coffee method uses both inverted and traditional method in coffee pressing. For the traditional method you have to place your cup on the flat surface at the bottom of the coffee pressing then you need to rinse the paper filter and add your favorite freshly ground coffee. Finally pour the hot water into the large cylinder and slowly press down to push the delicious coffee into the cup. Comparing to the traditional presses the French press provides the rich and full bodied flavor of coffee because of its stainless steel filters used in it. This coffee press is also capable of the cold brew and it is the one and only best presses for having the multiple cups of brew a once without completely starting in overtime, so that you can provide the coffee brew to more number of people. Moreover for the newbies this coffee press is found to be best one due to its convenient and easy of access.

Comparison factors of aeropress vs French press

The brewing methods is actually quite same to the aero press however there is a less room for error in making the coffee due to the absence of pressure. With the French press you can push your grounds out of the coffee press. In which following are some of the factors that represents the comparison factors of the aero press and French press. They are.

  • Flavor and filters – Regardless of which the coffee presses tool you, can use the variety of coffee press where you are going to end up with rich taste of coffee. However, there are several slight tones in the taste that you will obtain from each process and this mainly depends on the filter that used in the coffee mechanism. In which the aero press comes with the metal filter and the paper filter results in providing the clean-tasting, smooth, low acid beverage. The French presses use the stainless steel mesh filters that admit the oil and sometime a little sediment/grit in your final brewing options.
  • Durability – The French press is a perfect one for your kitchen but it is not suitable one for travelling because the borosilicate glass carafe and the stainless steel combo provide the average durability. On the other hand the aero press provides 100% durability where you can use it for travel, also it is a BPA free plastic bodies that have no problem with the inside of your picnic basket or backpack.
  • Brewing capacity – The aero presses are specially designed to hold the coffee for 6 to 8 ounces which means that they are one time serve coffee brewers, so it is suitable one for the college students and singles. Whereas the French presses alternatively holds 28 to 35 ounces where this is much better option which you can use when you are going for the family picnic.

Comparing to other brewing options the aero press and French press coffee mechanism options have their own unique features in which both are found to be good at separate. It is your responsibility to choose one brewing options that is suitable for you needs and requirements. It is very much important to take care and consider the above factors while choosing the coffee press brewing only then you can get a tasty and strong coffee at the end. Have a great start with the help of perfect coffee and do your work energetic.