Searching for the Best Espresso Machine: Top 10 for 2020

As a beginner to the espresso machine collection, you may get confused with several options and think about how to choose the best espresso machine for your regular use. You can read honest reviews of leading brands of espresso machines in detail and compare these machines with an aim to pick the best one.

Super-automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines from leading companies worldwide give loads of favourable things to all users. Every feature of these machines is extraordinary and satisfying its users on a regular basis. Top brands of advanced yet affordable espresso machines available on the market encourage many people to compare and narrow down these machines based on important factors like the cost, quality, user-friendliness, durability and functions. You can pay attention to the following details explaining the best-in-class nature of espresso machines. You will clarify your doubts about anything associated with these machines.

  1. Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

High-quality features of the Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine make users satisfied and give them confidence to recommend this espresso machine to others. This machine is used in different residential and commercial environments mainly because it’s exclusive features and an array of benefits to all users.

The volume capacity is the foremost attraction of this espresso machine. This machine can hold 62oz in its water reservoir and 12oz in its boiler. If you search for the largest espresso machine at the competitive price, then you can prefer and purchase this machine. The first-class nature of this espresso machine produces cup after cup devoid of slowing down its performance and straining its resources in any situation. This is an important reason behind the overall popularity of this espresso machine and why users of this machine suggest it to others.

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine is suitable for professional and personal settings where users require more than a mug in the morning. Steaming capabilities make this espresso machine extraordinary. A steaming knob is used to adjust the pressure in terms of the incremental degrees. There is a full range of motion from the articulating steam wand. The main reasons behind the overall strength of this espresso machine are stainless steel side panels, iron frames and a chrome-plated boiler. This espresso machine requires only a low level of maintenance.


  • Built to last
  • The best design to handle the maximum volumes of espresso making
  • High-quality foam because the best steaming accessories


  • Limited customization option
  • Single boiler
  1. Breville BES870XL Barista Express

Breville BES870XL Barista Express provides the same amount of precision and power for delivering the best-in-class espresso at the lowest possible price. All users of this espresso machine can conveniently control their morning cup of Joe as expected. They are happy to use everything in this exclusive espresso machine. They feel comfortable about contented every time they reap benefits from the integrated burr grinder and thermo coil heating system in this machine. Mechanics of this espresso machine play the main role behind its recognition worldwide and the biggest selling point beyond doubt.

High-quality elements in this espresso machine assist users to get the best beverage. Some of these elements are 360-degree steam wands, dual wall filters and stainless steel burrs. This espresso machine has everything required to brew something as delicious as possible. You may like to get and use the convenient kitchen tools. You can prefer and invest in this espresso machine.

Adjustable settings in this espresso machine give users 100% satisfaction and encourage such users to recommend it to others. You can experiment with grind sizes, temperatures in this machine due to the adjustable settings. You can also reap benefits from the customization in terms of the removable tampers and filters. There are hidden storage compartments in this espresso machine. These compartments are designed to keep the coffee bar organized and clean at all times as expected by every user.


  • A reasonable price
  • An advanced technology designed to provide the maximum control over coffee choices
  • Multiple functions and also features


  • Requires regular cleaning
  • Not meant for high volume production
  1. De’Longhi EC155

De’Longhi EC155 is known as all-in-one product designed to meet various espresso needs. This simple and affordable espresso machine gives an array of benefits to every user on a regular basis. Users of this espresso machine can conveniently make the white raspberry lattes with the maximum foam the cup can handle. If you are a beginner to the espresso machine and thinking about how to choose and buy the espresso machine, then you can focus on the brewing capabilities of the espresso machine at first. This machine has 15-bar brewing capabilities which make certain that users have the maximum power and volume to make their favourite coffee beverages devoid of complexity in any aspect.

Many people like the manual frother and think about how to get the espresso machine with this feature. They can pick and order this coffee maker. They will be satisfied with the hassle-free method to hand-blend the suitable amount of steam and milk as per their wishes. There is a 3-in-1 filter holder in this machine and designed to hold espresso pods, single shots and double shots to suit coffee requirements of all users throughout the day.

The foremost attraction of this espresso machine is its 35oz water tank. This large water tank can be easily removed for cleaning and refilling purpose. Users of this espresso these days stop staining their countertops because they experiment with their personal and favourite coffee creations with this espresso machine. They suggest this smart espresso machine to their kith and kin without any doubt about remarkable benefits to any user of this machine at all times.


  • Large volume capacity
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


Lacks fine settings as well as controls

  1. Keurig Rivo Cappuccino & Latte System

Many people search for the best single serve coffee maker as they like the simple and affordable espresso maker for their daily use at home. They can focus on the unbiased review of the Keurig Rivo Cappuccino & Latte System and get an overview about how users of this machine fulfil expectations regarding the easy way to get the espresso. You may be not interested in the fancy drip trays and imported coffee beans. Once you have decided to use the basic espresso maker, you can prefer and purchase this machine. You can simply push a button and get a latte as expected.

There are three frothing modes and also 15 bars pressure in this espresso machine. This machine is more than capable to brew easy and quick drinks. This is because this machine has power to make a cold froth, a special-flavoured Vienna in large and other drinks almost immediately as expected by its users.  The user-friendly nature of this machine makes its users comfortable and happy on a regular basis.

The simple setup in this machine assists all users to use it as convenient as possible. This machine has an automatic on/off setting which ensures that its users do not burn down the house. The separate area in this machine is designed for brewing and milk frothing. Every button in this espresso machine comes with pictures. Thus, users do not require the instruction manual to get their espresso from this machine.


  • Compact and simple brewing station
  • Provides fresh coffee within a minute
  • 4oz and 2.8oz sizes


Some users of this espresso machine report problems with the pods

  1. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica

Easy-to-use and customization options make the DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica espresso machine very popular at this time. If you are the type to bicker about temperatures, grinds, beans, flavours and coffee levels, then you can choose and purchase this espresso machine. All users of this espresso machine can get their favourite flavour of the coffee without complexity and delay. They can choose the options among the regular, speciality and decaf as per their wishes. They can grind the fresh coffee beans or load pre-ground coffee into the second chamber.

There are different options in the cup sizes and roast settings in this espresso machine which includes a simple push-button control panel as well as a detailed menu list. This espresso machine is built to be accommodating. Thus, users of this machine use the suitable option among plenty of options whenever they step before the unit.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica uses everything from the integrated burr grinder to the automated frother. This is an important reason behind the 100% satisfaction of every user who gets every cup of coffee as per their wishes. This compact machine has the first-class features to self-adjust for espresso shots based on the programmed settings.


  • Small and light for home use
  • Easy-to-use nature of the control panel with memory menu
  • Self-cleaning and descaling
  • Entirely automated double boiler
  • Can be adjustable for multiple people


  • Requires regular cleaning
  • Not designed for high-volume coffee production
  1. Mr. Coffee ECMP1000

Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 is recommended for both experienced coffee gourmets and amateur baristas. This machine is suitable for people with different requirements on the coffee preparation, lifestyle and settings related issues. The main reasons behind the increased popularity of this espresso machine are easy-to-clean and also easy-to-use nature. This espresso machine is designed to simplify the busy break room or chaotic kitchen. The built-in milk frother in this espresso machine gives an array of benefits to every user at all times. This is because not all espresso machines have the automatic milk frother designed to deliver creamy and smooth drinks same as in the high-end coffeehouse.

Everyone has different expectations about the single and double-shot options for their lattes and cappuccinos of any size. They can prefer and purchase this espresso machine as it is available with such options. They will be amazed about the one-touch control panel in this espresso machine. Simple design of this espresso machine makes its users comfortable and happy every time they use it. All buttons in this machine come with relevant pictures to assist users to handle such buttons as per requirements.


  • Automatic milk frother for foamy drinks
  • Adjustable cup tray to accommodate thermoses, cups and mugs
  • Extras included with every order


  • Not durable
  • May lose pressurization capability over time
  1. Breville BES840XL

Breville BES840XL is rich in the precision technology and simple functionality. Every beginner to the world of espresso machines may get confused with different functions and features of top brands of espresso machines. They can focus on everything related to this espresso machine and get an overview regarding how they can efficiently use it. They have to focus on and double-check things important in the espresso machine and type of controls they seek in the heaters, infusers and grinders in the espresso machine.

An advanced technology in the Breville BES840XL plays a vital role behind the overall benefits to its users worldwide. The state-of-the-art grinding and extracting system in this espresso machine makes it extraordinary and provides an array of benefits to every user. This machine provides a menu of settings and controls beyond expectations of its users. Fully automated controls in this espresso machine give loads of favourable things to every user at all times. The main attractions of this leading espresso machine are automatic purge function and the temperature regulating heater. Users of this espresso machine can turn it on and do not require paying attention to it. This is because they can get a perfect cup of espresso delivered by this machine as expected.


  • Suitable for newbies
  • Automated controls which take the pressure off
  • Available with freebies such as cleaning tools


Not very affordable

  1. KRUPS XP1000

This espresso maker is best espresso machine for small spaces where a usual espresso machine makes messes or crowd. Dimensions of this machine are 12×9.8×14.1 with 4.4 pounds. This compact espresso maker can fit between the toaster and blender devoid of complexity in any aspect. Though the size of this espresso machine is compact, this machine is rich in features and functions required for making the delicious espresso within a short time. This machine has 4-cup holding capacity unit. Thus, users of this espresso machine do not have to grope with alternative filters during the drowsy or cold mornings until they have ingested several ounces of their favourite flavours of caffeine.

Customization options in this espresso maker make users happier than ever. This machine does not have any programmable menu or light. However, this machine comes with a changeable knob and steam plunger designed to make certain that users get the suitable blend of froth and flavour on time.


  • 4-cup glass carafe
  • Provides knobs and nozzles for personalized drinks
  • Compact design makes this machine to fit in small spaces


  • Tight squeeze for both cups and mugs
  • Lacks the latest technology used in other brands of espresso machines
  1. Nespresso Inissia

This affordable espresso machine provides different benefits to every user. This espresso machine is simple and fully functional beyond expectations of all users. If you seek the same genre of lattes as expensive espresso machine provides at a fraction of the cost, then you can prefer and purchase this machine. This lightweight and small machine gives you different benefits.  This espresso machine provides the long-term value with the overall convenience of its capsule system. Users of this machine can conveniently experiment with different tastes and aromas when their palette grows and preferences for coffee change over time.


  • Quick heating and brewing times
  • Uses the best capsule technology for various coffee types
  • Small size which ensures it fits anywhere


Only takes Nespresso capsules

  1. SAECO HD8857/47 Philips Exprellia EVO

Many people worldwide like the best french press and seek the espresso machine with the latest technology to get the desired flavour of the coffee almost immediately. This espresso machine is designed for those who do not have energy or time to play barista when they wake up in the morning. This is because this espresso machine is fully automatic as expected by those who love speciality drinks in the morning. This machine is designed with frothy beverages in mind range from creamy cappuccinos to the milky macchiato.

Users of this super-automatic machine get loads of benefits beyond their wishes. The special technology namely H2 technology milk carafe in this machine provides foamy and bubbly coffees every time. This machine steams, boils and aerates the milk products to provide the super-fine bubbles. A dual chamber function in this machine ensures the optimal crema and also body boost.


  • Self-cleaning and descaling
  • Fully automated double boiler
  • Designed for frothy and fluffy drinks




Every brand of the espresso machine has different features and attractive things. You have to understand and ensure about your expectations on the espresso machine at first. You can read honest reviews and pay attention to the latest news about top brands of espresso machines. You will make a better-informed decision for the espresso machine shopping.