Discovering the Best Single Serve Coffee Maker: 7 Choices for 2020

Actually, the single serve coffee maker is an ideal product for the coffee drinkers. Basically, a single serve coffee maker is simply a coffee machine that simply brews single cup of coffee at a time. Just using a separate coffee capsule for each brew makes it simple and also fast to serve as a fresh cup of coffee. However, these single serve coffee makers are good for everyone as they allow you to personalize your coffee in such way you prefer it. Moreover, most of the people can attain benefit from this amazing coffee brewing system and also good for families, which do not have similar taste in coffee.

Decide on the best single serve coffee maker

Actually, the single serve coffee makers are so famous as well as so versatile too. Now, there is a wider selection of many best single serve coffee maker can create both cold and hot beverages as well as its varieties are countless that are beginning from plain black coffee to cocoa, chai, tea and latte in all kinds of variations. Once you decide to purchase the single serve coffee maker, there are specific things to be aware of before you make your shopping. In addition to, there are several coffee brewing machines to select from and you can make sure that you obtain the best one, which truly suits your entire needs.

The initial thing is to decide on how much personalization you want. The different brands have different types of personalization choices ranged from two to six cup sizes, instant hot or cold alternation and adjustable water temperature and also advanced timer settings.

The automatic on/off timer can be really a very good feature for an office purpose, but do you actually want it in your home as it takes around only 3 minutes to warm up. Before you purchase a coffee machine, it is much essential that you are aware of your requirements.

How to choose the best single server coffee maker?

In recent days, the single serve coffee makers have actually taken off and also a simple way to brew the quality coffee in the comfort of your own home. As with several famous products, there are several single cup coffee brewers in the market and then picking the best single serve coffee maker for your kitchen, which can be a quite challenging task. When it comes to selecting the best one, here is a helpful buying guide for the top picks to make the most out of your single cup coffee maker purchase that includes:

  1. Keurig K575 single serve programmable K-cup coffee maker

Keurig is a popular household name in the coffee industry. They can build the top-notch coffee makers that are not perfectly reasonable, but does cost fewer. The main function of this coffee maker is single serve, so it is an ideal option for those who are searching for the super-swift caffeine fix without even compromising the quality. Moreover, the big touch screen is really happy to use and also a perfect choice, even if you are not tech-savvy.  However, using this coffee brewing machine is very simpler by simply clicking a button and you will be drinking a cup of top quality coffee within a matter of minutes. Overall, this coffee brewing machine brings in a great style. 


  • Jumbo touch screen is very user-friendly
  • Select from many cups and carafe sizes according to your taste
  • King-size tank allows you to brew up to 10 single serve cups of coffee without even requiring refilling
  • Select from a vast array of superb Keurig accessories to match your coffee maker
  • Automatic shut-off and energy saving mode for safety as well as slashed power bills
  • Five temperature settings along with power control for utmost flexibility


Carafe sold individuals, if you need to brew up more coffee to leave heating

  1. Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex Brew 2-way brewer

The Hamilton Beach Flex brew provides you the best cup of coffee with the convenience of a single serve. You can also even opt for the fresh coffee grounds or K cup pods for the complete versatility. Initially, you have to place the single server holder into an opening with your K cup pod added. Then, you should close a lid and hear for a shattering sound and let you know the pointer has stabbed a container. For a stronger cup of coffee, you just press the brew strength until the bold is displayed. Overall, the Hamilton Beach Flex brew machine is an obvious solution for having a fresh coffee. This coffee brewing machine is also featured a digital clock that is very simple to read and also completely programmable. If you need coffee brewed at a specific time period, you can simply make sure that the tank is topped up with cold water and also hit in a time up to one day in advance.


  • Tweak a brewing strength rolling with routine or powerful coffee according to taste.
  • Dual functionality allows you to brew a cup or a pot of coffee in a single serve or carafe cup on the opposite side of a machine.
  • On-board storage for K cup or grounds, so keep everything to hand
  • Keep things always easy with enthusiastic water tank for single serve and carafe, while seeing windows and let you know when it is the time to add more cold water.


  • Limited to use one side at a time
  • Takes up a fair quantity of space on the work surface, so ensure you to accommodate it
  1. Ninja Single serve pod-free coffee maker

The Ninja single serve K-cup pod maker is everlastingly famous as well as an implausible option of single serve coffee maker. If you want both iced and hot coffee, you do not want any longer, since you can obtain your cold drinks at push of a button with no roll or dilution with your routine hot coffee. If you are looking for a steaming cup of coffee, you can tweak this Ninja in several directions. You can also select from 4 brew sizes based on how much caffeine you need to down a hatch, roll with a rich or classic brew and then decide whether you prefer your drink milky or black and then hit a button, while Ninja delivers. Overall, this is one of the best single serve coffee maker with no pods.


  • Completely customizable range of drinks for the entire family
  • Super easy interface idea, even if you hate tech
  • Incorporated bubblier, so you can enjoy milky lattes also
  • Innovative abstraction system brings healthy flavour


  • Bothersome degree of drip page after brewing
  • Reusable steel filter means it’s a little bit untidy, while emptying out
  1. Keurig K-Elite K single serve K-cup pod maker

The Keurig consistently strive to expand as well as enhance their wide range of single serve coffee makers and also with K-Elute that they have doubled down on including a small more scope for tweaking than you would expect from a single serve machine. You will also have a choice of five cup sizes and you can fine-tune the power as well as strength of your drink by using a spontaneous interface. You can also program your machine to turn on and shut off, after everything is completely primed, when you wake up in the morning or just return back from the work. Its water tank can take around 80 Oz, so you can easily rack up 8 large cup coffees, before you want to remove as well as refill a tank. For a single serve coffee machine with a difference, this Keurig K-Elite is hard to beat.


  • Cold or hot coffee at a simple press of the button
  • Grab the hot water on demand
  • Brew K-cup pods from 4 Oz via 12 Oz for more versatility
  • Jack up strength, if you like an additional kick
  • Substantial reservoir can make up to 8 cups, before refilling


Not the inexpensive option

  1. Keurig K55 single serve coffee maker

Undoubtedly, Keurig is one of the most famous manufacturers of the single serve coffee makers and also it becomes a most reliable choice. This machine always allows the user to brew up to six cups of coffee at a time by using its 48 ounce tank and also it is more compatible to use with the K-cups as well as reusable permanent filters. Along with this coffee maker, you will also obtain a filter handle as well as a couple of water filters to use in a tank for the new tasting drinks. You can also select from 6, 8 or 10 ounce cup size for a perfect brew coffee each time and then it only takes around one minute for succeeding cups. Moreover, this machine is more impressive as well as long durable single serve coffee maker and it constantly brews a great cup of coffee without even any troubles. When compared to any other machines, you can even work on this machine for a larger travel mug by using more than single K-cup.


  • Very simple to use
  • Larger tank
  • Compatible with K-cups and reusable filters


  • No changeable brew strength
  • Limited cup size options
  1. Bella one scoop one cup coffee maker

If you are not a big enthusiast of coffee pads, this Bella one scoop one cup coffee machine is an excellent choice. Actually, this coffee machine included with a dishwasher secure permanent filter and you need to choose your most favourite ground coffee. The drip plate is also changeable to accommodate the mugs up to six inches height and the reservoir holds up to 14 ounces of water. However, this compact coffee maker has an elegant design without even any settings or clocks adjustments. All you want to do is to add water and coffee and then flip a switch for a cup of coffee as quickly as possible. You can also utilize this coffee maker to make hot water for oatmeal, tea, hot chocolate or instant snacks. One of the most attractive things on this Bella one scoop one cup coffee maker is its very reasonable cost.


  • Coffee is very hot for several hours
  • Very simple to use
  • Affordable cost


  • Not ideal for all travel mugs
  • No auto-shut off
  1. Breville Nespresso Vertuo coffee and Espresso machine

If you are searching for a single serve coffee maker, which does more than make routine coffee, this Breville Nespresso Vertuo coffee and Espresso machine provides you more options. Actually, this coffee brewing machine is specially designed to use exclusively for making wonderful coffee. With this brewing machine, you can brew up to 5 various sizes of Espresso or single cups of coffee with a few touch of the button. Once you buy this coffee maker, you will obtain 12 admiring coffee capsules to attempt. Moreover, this coffee maker has a removable 40 ounce tank and it heats up the water in around 15 seconds, so you do not have to wait for a long to make this drink. This drip tray is also changed to three various heights that fit your cup size exactly. Now, you can also find this coffee machine in a wide variety of colours such as matte black, chrome, black, red and titan, so you can easily discover the best match for your space. 


  • Routinely identifies coffee type
  • Brews coffee and espresso
  • Very simple to use


  • Coffee is not always hot enough
  • Somewhat costlier

Lists of most common features in the best single serve coffee maker

When it comes to the selection of the best single serve coffee maker, you want to consider the following options that include: 

Dish washer safe

If you are not a good fan of cleaning, you can place the parts in a dish washer.

 Removable water reservoir

Initially, you have to look at the size and then imagine what size you want. If it is tiny and requires filing frequently, this mainly based on how much cups you will brew per day.

Reusable filters

Some of the brands allow the reusable filters, which you can fill ups with your personal favourite ground coffee. In such way, you are not restricted to a certain brand, but you have much freedom.

Cup sizes

You just imagine on how much you want. If you want several diverse, a travel cup and a standard mug are sufficient for you.

Display, clock and timer

If you prefer to utilize the automatic settings, this is much more essential. You can also even programme this machine to be ready at foremost thing in the morning, so it is ready to brew while you get out of the bed.

Charcoal water filter and BPA-free parts

These are all most essential features to consider, when they will provide you a healthier coffee experience.

Deciding on the right single serve coffee maker

Once you decide to purchase a single serve coffee maker, there are specific things to be aware of before you make your purchase. There are several single server machines available to select from, so you have to ensure that you obtain the best one that actually fits your entire needs.

The initial thing to decide is that how much customization you want. The different brands have different types of customization options ranged from 2 to 6 cup sizes, instant hot/cold alternation and adjustable water temperature and also advanced timer settings.

The entire features can be alluring, if you really want them. Before you purchase a coffee machine, it is much essential that you are aware of your requirements.

More essentially, you want to consider your choices, when it comes to the best selection of coffee brewing. Some of the coffee brewing machines available on the market are more flexible and the number of enormous brands will allow you to choose among several variations of the tea, coffee, cocoa and other drinks.


If you are searching for the best single server coffee maker for your kitchen, it is highly recommended that you have an idea of what you need before searching at the machines. Also, doing some research will support you to filter out the right single cup coffee brewers that are not ideal for your requirements. By doing some research, you will make a most out of your wise buying decision.

When you are planning to buy a single serving coffee maker, a price should be a main consideration. You are getting ready to build what is likely a big investment for a kitchen appliance. However, this is one of the most time efficient and cost effective ways of choosing the best serving coffee makers. You can also even find and read the previous customer reviews on each product listed above that you are much interested in. Hence, this will quickly provide you an idea of which single server coffee maker machine is the best choice for you.