Bodum Brazil French Press Review | French Presses For 2021

bodum brazil french pressFrench presses are very popular among the people for brewing the perfect coffee for every occasion. They might seem time-consuming but when there is a party at your home and you need to serve people with some freshly brewed coffee, taking the help of the French press is a must. And when it comes to this, however long the time is, it is worth the wait.

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Features of the Bodum Brazil French Press

bodum brazil french pressWhen it comes to brewing coffees, no one forgets the name of the famous bodum brazil french press which is famous for making excellent quality coffee. One of the reasons for this particular press to become so popular is its 3 mesh filters which enable the machine to extract the maximum flavors out of the coffee beans efficiently.

Also, it has a fineness adjustable feature which enables to coffee into either have ground or not. It makes them coarser so that they end up lesser into the coffee. This also helps the coffee grounds soak properly so that every minute flavor is absorbed by the cup.

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How efficient is the build quality?

bodum brazil french pressThe manufacturers of this particular product have made sure to keep it as simplistic as it could be. The bodum brazil french press comes with a sturdy plastic frame which can hold the glass carafe in its place firmly.

The plastic frame is made to be strong and durable enough to not bend or tatter and can handle appropriate amounts of pressure easily. It also vouches to protect the glass carafe all the time.

The lid on the top is also strongly made which doesn’t come off from the head easily thus providing comfort when pouring the coffee into the cup.

The only fragile part is the carafe which is made with glass so it is prone to break if it is not used properly. So it is often advisable to store it properly when not using it.

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Is it wash-efficient?

The press is made in such a way that it can easily go through a dishwasher but it is generally advised that wiping the frame with hands is easier and safer. Since there’s no point in taking a risk of putting the parts into a dishwasher.

The cleaning process is quite easy, almost all of the parts are easily detachable so rinsing the parts properly with soapy water will do the work.

Cleaning the carafe is a little hefty task with the glass involved. Though it is heat resistance to a good degree, it doesn’t go well with the cold running water when the pot is hot, often it is advised to let it cool before pouring water into it and thus preventing any cracks over the glass body.

Our Final Thoughts

bodum brazil french pressFor coffee lovers who would want a cheap brewer ready to serve them with the best coffee flavors definitely should have one of these. It contains almost every necessary things that an ideal brewer should have and also comes into everyone’s budget. So buying this is definitely a positive option.

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