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Bodum Columbia French PressBodum Columbia French Press is a simple but elegant French Press made mostly of stainless steel with some other components such as silicon, zinc, and plastic. There are three separate sizes of the same model, and shapes are slightly different in each case.

The device is developed with an intention to last in the long run. Stainless steel is a very durable material, so you can hardly notice any issues with it. It is virtually unbreakable and protected against corrosion. It means you can use it without worries.

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Features of the Bodum Columbia French Press

bodum columbia french press Bodum Columbia French Press has a simple construction, and that’s good for some reason. You can easily clean it after the coffee preparation. Stainless steel is slick, and there are no hidden angles and areas within, so nothing can block your hand and a sponge. You can remove the water and moisture with the wipe cloth after cleaning, and you finish the process that way. Maintaining hygiene is important because it can further extend the lifespan of the device. That’s why you have to keep it in your mind.

Bodum Columbia French Press is very good when it comes to coffee preparation. It can create a perfect density and taste of the beverage, so you can enjoy the experience of drinking a tasty coffee. The device transforms even the hardest beams into the fine powder, so the content becomes a perfect component. It is great because the sediment stays at a very low level at the bottom of the cup, and you can drink your coffee almost to the end. The taste and density do not change at any moment, thanks to the fine decomposition of the beams.

The design and color are perfectly suitable for different home interiors and decors, so you can use this device comfortably in all types of houses and apartments. However, it is also great for outdoor use. Travelers, campers and many others can use this French Press during a trip, and it will make an excellent coffee for them.

This product is also known for its efficiency to maintain the same level of temperature for hours. That means you can drink a hot coffee even after a serious time lag, and that’s a very suitable thing during traveling.

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bodum columbia french press The product, however, has a moderate price, so it is not in a group of the cheapest ones. But it is not too expensive as well, so many can afford it without any financial issues.

You can get a high-quality and durable product at a fair price. So that’s a very good deal indeed.

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Our Final Thoughts

bodum columbia french press You can buy this French Press at different offline and online stores. However, Amazon is most likely the biggest and most popular of all of them.

Some sellers offer this item there, so you can find it in the marketplace. If you live abroad, do not forget to check the list of supported countries. That’s how you can find out if the shipping is available for your location.

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