Bodum Travel French Press Review | French Presses For 2021

bodum travel french pressBodum Travel is a quality French Press developed in two different versions. So you have an opportunity to choose between the plastic double wall and stainless steel types.

There are also several colors available, so you can purchase the most compatible one according to your home decor and environment.

If you’re looking for how the Bodum Travel French Press compares to alternative french press machine, we recommend you check out our full guide to the best espresso machines, which can be found here.

Features of the Bodum Travel French Press

bodum travel french pressThe stainless steel model seems stronger and more durable, so it is recommended to choose that one. The plastic can be affected by different things, so it can start changing shape and structure in the long run. The plastic version is made with double walls, so it will not decompose quickly, but it is still at a bigger risk than the stainless steel type.

Both versions provide a lot of features and functions, so you can use them in different ways. They are perfectly suitable for indoor use, however, you can also utilize them outdoor. That makes this model excellent for campers, travelers, and all others who are on the road frequently.

This product is also great because it can serve as a complete coffee maker, not just the French Press. It can retain the same temperate of the drink in the long run, so you can consume warm, hot or cold coffee with a serious time lag. And that’s an excellent thing for travelers too.

The product has a very modern and nice design comparing some counterparts. You will not be ashamed wherever you choose to use the item. On the contrary, the product is pleasant to a human’s eye, so you can only enjoy the scene.

It works simply and efficiently. You do not have to use any complicated procedure in order to perform the action. It is also very fast, so you can get a pressed cup of drink in a few minutes.

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Pros and Cons of the Bodum Travel French Press

bodum travel french pressAs with any french press machine, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this baby jumper from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the Bodum Travel French Press.


The product provides a perfect density and taste. No grounds will stay within the content, and you will hardly encounter sediment at the bottom of the cup. It means you can drink your coffee from beginning to end after the treatment of this device. However, you should always use the highest quality coffee beans because they typically provide the best content. So you can maximally enjoy that way.

The price of this product is an excellent advantage because it is very cheap and you can even get it at a discounted price if you select the right time and place. Some poor-quality counterparts have higher prices, but they cannot compare with this one when it comes to the features and quality. So you can truly benefit from this device, and you should not miss the opportunity to buy it if you really need French Press and coffee maker.

Amazon is currently the best place where you can purchase this product. Some sellers offer it at a discounted price, so you can save money while buying an excellent and high-quality device. The worldwide shipping is often provided, but you can check the list of restricted countries if there is any.

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Our Final Thoughts

bodum travel french pressIf one is looking for a home friendly french press which is safe to use and has the right kind of features, then the bodum travel French press is the one to choose. One will not get good quality and quantity, one can also enjoy the great taste of the coffee.

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