Breville BES840XL Review | Best Espresso Machines For 2021

breville bes840xlIf you are tired of going cafe for having a good espresso and don’t have money to drop on the fancy espresso machine. Don’t worry as we would like to introduce you to the Breville BES840XL unit. This product is powered with a great tool that helps to deliver mouth-watering home-brewed espresso.

If you are looking to have a good cup of coffee at home, then the model is for you. It comes with an infuser that powers the machine not to hang up while creating a coffee and effortless technology makes the product ideal for everyone.

With the affordable range, you will also get automatic features for controlling the temperature for the complete extraction process for the brew. It is made from stainless steel material for increasing strength. Moreover, this one is considered as the best Breville machines voted by the many users worldwide.

There is a 1600W Thermo coil heating system that allows doing the brewing at a much faster rate. The device also features an auto-purge system that provides peace of mind. It is because the appliance automatically gives the empty me notice for cleaning. Let us talk more about the features, pros, and cons of using the Breville BES840XL.

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Features of the Breville BES840XL

  • breville bes840xlThermo coil technology: Breville model comes with a stainless steel coil that power with 1600W for heating the water quickly. This amenity makes the appliance perfect for home and small restaurants.
  • Pressure pump: There are fifteen bars set in the device that pressure the brew for giving full flavor from the depth. If you love to drink strong coffee, then this unit is there to serve your needs.
  • Pre-blending function: Pre-blending is the main reason why the coffee maker is considered as the best. The feature applies low pressure to the brewing process to finish at a much faster rate. It helps to gently fill the uneven parts and expand the grinds with ease. This ensures that the main extraction gives proper taste to the final made coffee.
  • Filtered and removable water tank: Who does not want to get rid of the cleaning process? With the help of the Breville BES840XL model, you don’t have to worry. The reason is that the water tank is removable for easy filling and cleaning. There is a filter for naturally filtering the water present in the machine. Not only it does deliver a great taste to the coffee, but also reduces the need to maintain and de-scale.
  • Adjustable settings: The device is automatic but also provides manual settings for making your own coffee according to the taste. You can go for saving the settings in the menu so that you don’t have to make changes next time. That means that there is no need to recreate the masterpiece every time.

These are the top features of the Breville BES840XL model.

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Pros and Cons of the Breville BES840XL

breville bes840xlAs with any espresso machine, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this baby jumper from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the Breville BES840XL


  • Infusion technology: There is an infusion technology that helps to deliver the great taste of the coffee. It is because the model comes gently slows the pressure down for reducing the time of brewing.
  • Modern design: The unit comes with three colors and features a modern look that suits every location. If you are looking to get the sleek design at an affordable price, then consider choosing the Breville BES840XL model.
  • Water filter: At the time of using the machine, you will come to know about the water filter. This allows cleaning the water and the coffee to deliver the great taste of the coffee.
  • Energy-saving mode: It comes with the saving mode that allows using less voltage for brewing. Sometimes, when we forget to turn off the unit and worry about the usage. Well, the machine comes with automatic shut down, when not used for one hour.
  • Several modes: This means that the appliance is perfect for both beginners and professionals. The reason is that the device features automatic and manual mode. Automated one is for beginners, and the other one is for pros, who want to add something more to their espresso.
  • Indicator: When the machine is full and needs to clean by you, then you will get an indicator from the Breville BES840XL model.

These are the top pros of using the Breville BES840XL espresso maker.


We all know that the best products in the market have some downside, but it doesn’t make them worse. Let us talk about the drawbacks we have found in the unit.

  • Makes noise: This one is quite louder while operating. Some people find it disturbing to make coffee.
  • Tricky to use manual settings: Well, the automatic option allows delivering a great cup of coffee. On the other hand, the customized one is a little bit tricky. That should not be the major concern as you will get a perfect cappuccino from the first option.

These are the major cons of using the Breville BES840XL model.

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Why there is a need to buy Breville BES840XL coffee maker? 

  • Easy to use: There is no need to worry about using the unit, as it comes with automatic features and user guide. That helps to ensure that you don’t find a problem in working with the coffee maker for having the best espresso.
  • Steam wand: The steam wand is included in the machine for frothing the milk. Breville wand comes with the 360 degrees of rotation that allows getting unlimited space of milk jug.
  • Choosing functions: You can select the brewing option for making your own customized coffee. It means to get the pre-set and manual one. That allows making coffee based on the automatic feature or your designed one.

Our Final Thoughts

breville bes840xlTo sum up, these are the top facts about the Breville BES840XL model. The product is worth trying and makes sure to read the manual for proper installation. You can get the machine from both the online and retail markets.

If you want to get most from the unit, then always ensure to clean it regularly, and use freshly grounded coffee beans for the best flavor. Try to learn the automatic mode from the give instructions guide.

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