Bunn BT Velocity Brew Review | Drip Coffee Makers For 2021

bunn bt velocity brewAs a regular coffee drinker, there are definite chances that you would look for a nice coffee maker to make your morning brew. There are so many brands out there in the market, picking the right for your daily coffee requirements, would be a tough call to make. Every brand has a unique aspect, but you will have to check out whether the price would fit into your scheme of things.

You may have to consider the design, durability as well the time taken to brew the actual coffee. The need for getting a coffee maker that is not complicated to operate, easy to clean, and not requiring any maintenance, isn’t a tough call anymore. You could try out the Bunn bt velocity brew.

Many people have appreciated the quick and simplistic way of making your big pot of coffee. If you are not looking for a coffee maker that grinds the beans and stuff but gets you that wonderful decoction of coffee that you will enjoy, it’s the no-fuss coffee maker, with only a plugin and switches on for your brew to be ready. Add in the required quantity of water and your coffee mix, and you would be good to go in three and a half minutes you have a steaming cup of coffee.

If you’re looking for how the Bunn bt velocity brew compares to alternative drip coffee makers machines, we recommend you check out our full guide to the best drip coffee makers, which can be found here.

Features of the Bunn bt velocity brew coffee maker

bunn bt velocity brewIt may be a little pricey for the design and plastic parts that don’t make it aesthetic standout. But as a coffee machine, it does its job pretty well.

You would have to set an individual timer for knowing how long you set the brew for and when it gets done and nay another screen to gauge the temperature etc. You wouldn’t deny on the performance levels which has received high ratings.

The design perhaps could be better. More features could be great add on for this amazing coffee maker. The maintenance is a bit tough, too, as the special Bunn BT coffee filters are a little hard to find. The drip is reliable, and you could work it out to get a delicious cup of coffee at any time.

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Pros and Cons of Bunn bt velocity brew coffee maker

bunn bt velocity brewThe basic design is a deceiver to the eye because the function is great; you will end up with an amazing pot of coffee just under four minutes, how awesome is that! It is a big piece of appliance that you wouldn’t want to take places; perhaps you would have to have designated spot for it. It may not be attractive to the eye, but it sure does bring that caffeine shot right.

The height and the width do take up space and quite big for a pot of coffee which may give it the look of drip machines. Your kitchen counter has to be big for this one. The plastic top and other parts of the drip machine make it look very toy-like and flimsy for rough usage if more weight or pressure applied to make certain cause it to break as they happen to flex pretty easily.

There are a few silver brushed metallic highlights to the coffee maker such as the water tank, the vacuum insulated thermal carafe. The brew funnel is also plastic. The swivel on the lid is easy to fit on, and you can accurately pout your brew without causing a single drop to spill.

Bunn bt velocity brew coffee maker is nowhere near fancy and goes with one button to switch on and get your brew done. Bunn bt velocity brew a simple gadget, and you wouldn’t have to know rocket science to know its functioning. It gets your coffee brew in reverse. It’s a coffee maker. Perhaps you would choose over others; the ability to make twenty cups of coffee at a go would be an excellent proposition for a coffee aficionado.

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Making coffee

The action begins as you place the water and coffee mix is no idle time involved, lo behold you have your amazing coffee in your hand. It serves double the coffee that any other coffee maker would do. The coffee maker holds two thermal carafes which keeps your piping hot brew which is fascinating when you compare to other coffee makers. The water gets preheated so that it gets set to the ideal temperature for your coffee to brew into a delicious cup of caffeine.

To begin with, you have to make sure that the water tank is filled before you switch it on, because of the preheating specification. When the tank of water is filled, the weight of the coffee maker is sure heavy and make sure it’s not on the tipping edge. The water boils to a scalding point so avoid touching it when the boil is happening.

The thermal carafe can be used to fill the tank, which then can be plugged in. The water is heated for fifteen minutes to get the right temperature. You would need to place the Bunn bt velocity brew filter above, in the brew funnel and measure the proper grounds of coffee, depending on how strong you want yours to be.

It is because you don’t get a measuring scoop and there isn’t a recommendation for the number of coffee ground scoops that are required for the amount of water placed. Here you would have to go with instinct and your palate.

Our Final Thoughts

bunn bt velocity brewMake sure that the thermal carafe is placed rightly under the coffee maker when switched on; there are chances that there is hot brew everywhere on your kitchen counter before you know it. The though the physicality isn’t the strong point of Bunn bt velocity brew coffee maker, you definitely will end up with an awesome coffee though.

The quantity made is impressive as well as the time take to make isn’t much. It would be great for people who want an uncomplicated mug of coffee in bigger quantities. As it’s precise in exacting the flavor from the coffee ground straight to your cup.

There isn’t much hassle to people who love to enjoy their morning or evening coffee dose can look forward to making some with this awesome coffee maker.

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