DeLonghi EC155 Review | Best Espresso Machines For 2021

delonghi ec155 1-minEvery coffee maker comes with unique features, and these can cost anywhere between dozens and thousands of dollars. It is not easy to figure out where to start. That’s why we would like to come with the DeLonghi EC155 machine. This convenient device is best for home and small restaurants. The reason is that this unit comes with the rapid cappuccino technology for maintaining the temperature. Stop worrying about the quality of the appliance as it has won many rewards, and comes at an affordable price.

If you are looking for the budget machine, then going for the DeLonghi EC155 unit is best for serving your needs. The most important feature is the fifteen bar pressure pump that increases the pressure for better extraction of the coffee beans. That means you will have a great cup of cappuccino.

You can also change the strength of the coffee in the ground mode. In the guide, we are here to cover the facts related to DeLonghi coffee maker like pros, cons, and features. These aspects help to ensure that whether the product is worth trying or not. Let us talk about them below.

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Features of the DeLonghi EC155 

  • Milk frother: It features milk frother in a manual mode that ensures to get the milk according to your demand. The frother is hygienic that leaves no sour after the frothing process. Also, you don’t need to worry about the cleaning as the process is simple.
  • Fast cappuccino technology: The innovative tech is the exclusive feature of the DeLonghi. That means the water in the tank doesn’t change the temperature in the cups. You don’t have to wait for each cup for warming up for getting a jar of coffee. This one is considered as the perfect option that allows enjoying if more than one person wants to drink espresso.
  • Easy to use a water tank: We all want that product, which is easy to use. Well, the coffee maker is there to ensure that the tank is easy to attach and remove for filling and cleaning purposes, respectively. You don’t have to worry about the hygiene of the water tank as this one is free from bacteria.
  • Choices of servings: DeLonghi EC155 is one of the few models that can use coffee pods and ground coffee. It means that you can change the settings for adjusting the strength of the cappuccino. This feature is remarked as the perfect one for serving your needs.
  • Pressure pump: Like most of the excellent machines, the DeLonghi EC155 also has a fifteen bar pressure pump for a complete extraction process. It is likely to come in the expensive model but, thanks to the DeLonghi Company for providing the element. The need for the amenity is to ensure that we get a full taste of the coffee beans.

These are the top features of using the unit.

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Pros and Cons of the DeLonghi EC155

As with any espresso machine, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this baby jumper from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the DeLonghi EC155.


  • Affordable price: We all are looking for the finest piece of technology at an affordable price. By buying the DeLonghi EC155, you will get a complete package that delivers a great cup of cappuccino. Moreover, there is no need to lose pockets for purchasing the model.
  • Comes with a cup warmer: There is a cup warmer included in the pack that makes sure that the temperature of the coffee remains constant. It means that the espresso will not get cold easily when prepared.
  • Uses grounds or pods; Everyone wants to have a different taste of coffee, and if you look in the market, not all machines can provide this to you. Don’t worry as the DeLonghi EC155 allows using ground or pods beans for adjusting the level of strength. It is considered as an excellent feature for providing a mouth-watering cup of coffee.
  • Jet frother; Many units in the market don’t come with the fast frother for mixing the milk with the coffee. The jet frother rotates the liquid at a unique angle for a complete rotation.

These are the top pros of using the DeLonghi EC155 coffee maker.


We all know that even the greatest products around the world come with a few drawbacks. But, that does not make them worst for using. Let us talk more about the cons of using the device.

  • Not all parts made from top-class material: At the time of using the espresso unit, you will find that all the parts are not made from the top-class material. This means that the life of the machine is not long enough.
  • Design improvement: There is a need to improve the design, and the reason is that it not built according to the latest trends. If you are fond of a sleek look, then this one will not fulfill your needs.
  • Loud: When the appliance is operating, you will come to know that it makes noise. Sometimes, there may be a little movement in the unit while making coffee.

These are the top major drawbacks of using the DeLonghi EC155 model.

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Why there is a need to buy DeLonghi EC155 machine?

  • A great option for beginners: If you are looking for affordable and easy to use the machine, then the product is for you. The DeLonghi model is specially made for beginners.
  • Fifteen bars of pressure: DeLonghi EC155 features fifteen bars to increase the pressure for brewing the coffee completely. This helps to give full flavor to the cappuccino when the extraction process is completed. Pressure bars is that feature you won’t find in most of the espresso machines.

Our Final Thoughts

To summarize, these are the top facts about the DeLonghi EC155 model. If you love espresso and want to have a coffee machine at an affordable price, then purchasing this one is a great option. Always make sure to read the instruction guide carefully for getting the most from the unit.

You have to ensure to clean and descaled the appliance regularly for increasing its life. It is recommended to use the best quality coffee for having a mouth-watering cup of espresso. For better results, one can opt to choose the dry or medium roast bean.

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