French Press vs Pour Over: Comparing and Contrasting

The French press is also called as the coffee press or cafeteria that essentially has 3 components namely signature plunger, open topped cylindrical glass and a filter that is made up of stainless steel. The mechanism of this coffee press ironically was first designed in Italy in the year 1929 and now it is popular in Europe and in the United states. By using this French press you can easily prepare the coffee powder in just few minutes of time. In which first you need to begin by filling the carafare with the coffee grounds then you need to add hot water and let the mixture to steep. Once the steeping process gets completed then simply push down the plunger that separates the grounds from the coffee and you can enjoy the drink. If you prefer drinking a cup of coffee that is rich, bold and strong then the French press tool is found to be the best one for you.

French Press vs Pour Over

  • With this brewing method you can draw much more coffee oil’s from the grounds where this makes the flavor more intense.
  • You can also enjoy the idea of customization where this can be achieved with the help of French press.
  • Where you need to select the brewer according to your requirements that includes grind size and you can control the richness and strength by altering the time of the grounds steeped.

One issue that people experienced with this French press machine is the presence of grit. While the screen will keep aside the larger grounds where smaller ones get through and give a coffee a slight gritty texture. There are some products that claim the remedy to this issue but when the filtration system wears down then you might get some of the grittiness. Lastly while the process of using the French process is somewhat pretty painless where the cleaning might be different where this mechanism should be dismantled and the pieces must be cleaned separately. This method of coffee option is used by the people who are interested in having the strong coffee with the intense coffee flavor. This gives a pleasant aroma of the coffee and it is available in all the stores where you can purchase it at affordable price.

Overview about Pour over

The pour over method also requires the pouring heated water over the coffee grounds, however with this pour over you placed on the grounds in the cone shaped component that helps in the proper growth, where the grounds are stored at the top of the cone. The grounds of the coffee are then wet and left to sit for a moment before adding more water with it. The filter causes the added water to soak in the grounds in a circular motion and then it eliminates the element of the constant contact. So the finished brew is smoother and lighter with no grit regardless what type of the product you are using.

  • Many people experiences the poor performance of grit and it is the main thing for pour over process. If you are required a testy coffee, then you could get in the usual drip brew and the pour over will be the better one for better taste.
  • This press over method also makes the cleaning up process a easier one where without dismantling the components and moreover this option works well when you are looking to make one or two cups of coffee in the morning.
  • The coffee prepared in this pour over method will contain less intense of flavor due to the lack of immersion and this is great for people who prefer to drink the light coffee but is a bit of bummer for the people who gravitate towards full bodied and strong coffee. In which you can also keep this type of the coffee brewing options even inside the refrigerator.

Comparing the pour over and French press coffee methods both of the methods are found to be best at each this is because these two methods options are suitable one for every people. The person who likes to have the light coffee then they can go with the pour over method option and for those who requires the strong intense flavor of the coffee then you must go with the French press. The pour over and French press coffee method options provide you different kinds of benefits in which it will help you to make a perfect flavor of coffee, taste and more things.