Hamilton Beach 49980A Review | Drip Coffee Makers For 2021

hamilton beach 49980aThe popularity of the coffee beverage has increased over the years; you will find that a lot of people who consume coffee have taken to the coffee makers in a big way. People have their special ways to make their perfect brew. But with coffee makers in the market, you can do away with all the hassle of making that perfect pot of coffee.

You need not be an expert for making coffee to enjoy it, with the help of the latest coffee making sensation is Hamilton Beach. With every coffee maker, you may use a traditional filter, and with coffee grounds in place, you can end up making a delicious cup of coffee to consume.

The buyers of this coffee maker have given great ratings to the coffee maker, and for the kind of quality the coffee is made right to the design, durability, and of course, the size has been taken into consideration when the reviews were considered.

The number of people has switched to coffee makers in a big way. The buyers look ours for a coffee maker which isn’t complex to operate, with a sleek design and in affordable pricing. The quality of the coffee is affected in a big way if you don’t choose the right coffee maker. You would have to get the right taste and temperature.

The brewing process should ensure that the quality of the brew is the same each time coffee is made, hence the reason for getting a coffee maker like hamilton beach 49980a. The clean up after the brew is done, shouldn’t be complicated and time-consuming. Setting up for making the brew should be simple, not more than a couple of steps.

The design should be sleek, and it should add a special place in the kitchen. It shouldn’t be way too heavy and big but durable enough to place it in smaller kitchen spaces too.

If you’re looking for how the Hamilton Beach 49980A  compares to alternative drip coffee makers machines, we recommend you check out our full guide to the best drip coffee makers, which can be found here.

Features of the Hamilton Beach 49980A 

hamilton beach 49980aOther extensive features make it a credible choice for most coffee lovers. The size and look are compact, which gets a ready thumbs up from consumers. There is hardly any spillage; you could make awesome cups of coffee for a dozen people. It allows you to make one for yourself only too.

If you are making a bigger batch, there would be a little more time-consuming. The coffee is delicious because of the slow brewing process that it incorporates.

Though you cannot stow it away in cabinets, you will perhaps find a permanent place on your kitchen counter-top. Since you can use for a bigger batch or a single cup, the 2-way coffee maker may appear bulky.

Tips for using Hamilton Beach 49980A 

It has twelve cup glass carafe that comes with the coffee maker. You will have to use ground coffee with the scoops that are provided with the maker as well the filters that come with it so that you end up with the perfect quality of coffee each time to make one.

You could have an alternative with the choice of drinking your regular coffee or make it strong/bold. This programming panel will allow the user to have a choice. When you switch it on for brewing, you wouldn’t have to stay on to switch off when done because of the auto shut off facility.

You could either brew for a travel mug or even a smaller cup can fit in. It helps if you are not in a mood for a large caffeine shot. Hamilton Beach 49980A  coffee maker is in much demand because of the programmable features which most coffee makers lack. Following the manual instructions perhaps would help get a steaming pot of coffee brew already to consume.

They would suggest a medium grid would be the best for getting that fine taste and flavor you seek. Using the standard paper filter, which can be bought easily and initially provided by the brand, should be placed in the brew basket. One scoop of coffee ground for each cup would suffice.

The taste and overall appeal was a big draw even for the experts who tried coffee made from hamilton beach 49980a. A single-serve side comes with mesh filters individually. There are options for using ground coffee or soft pods that are available in stores. The Hamilton Beach 49980A  coffee maker provides a mesh brew basket filter, and you could use as scoop too for measuring the number of coffee portions to put in for brewing your coffee for the day.

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Pros and Cons of Hamilton Beach 49980A 

hamilton beach 49980aThe single-serving cup is high enough so that the brew when ready goes directly into the coffee cup without making a mess. The cup rest can be used for smaller cups. The coffee maker makes use of paper coffee filters for the carafe basket. The programmable panel allows you to either brew your coffee all at once or time it with the clock of 24 hours, which allows you to brew it in advance as well.

The coffee maker is for people who want to wake with the aroma of fresh coffee waiting for them. The option of either going for the regular coffee or bold is up to the consumer. You could grab a cup of coffee even during the brewing process if you happen to be short on time. For added safety, the coffee maker has an inbuilt facility of two-hour automatic shut off function.

There aren’t any other features apart from the ones mentioned above, the brewing time isn’t so fast, the warming plate temperature is pre-set, and you can’t get possibly fiddle with it. The grounds are sprayed with hot water to bring out the aroma. But its an easy to use the device and handy for those who either would want just a cup of coffee or would want a potful.

It’s one of the best buys around. Comparing it with other coffee makers, it sure is a standout. The simplicity to operate kind of makes it must-have for those who want to grab a coffee with all the fuss surrounding it. It has stainless steel durable parts that make a neat package to own.

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Our Final Thoughts

hamilton beach 49980aMake sure that the thermal carafe is placed rightly under the coffee maker when switched on; there are chances that there is hot brew everywhere on your kitchen counter before you know it. The though the physicality isn’t the strong point of Bunn bt velocity brew coffee maker, you definitely will end up with an awesome coffee though.

The quantity made is impressive as well as the time take to make isn’t much. It would be great for people who want an uncomplicated mug of coffee in bigger quantities. As it’s precise in exacting the flavor from the coffee ground straight to your cup.

There isn’t much hassle to people who love to enjoy their morning or evening coffee dose can look forward to making some with this awesome coffee maker.

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