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hamilton beach brewstationThe best coffee machine, hamilton beach brewstation comes with no carafe. And now there is no spilling or breaking of the coffee all over the surface or spreading all around as there is no pouring from kettle. Here, you can utilize the conveying tank for filling the machine with water to the level depending on your desire or wish. At that point, now include your ground coffee for getting a strong flavour to brew the tasty coffee.

Next, in the brew options accessible on your machine, you are required to pick what sort of blend you need iced, regular, or bold coffee. Choose one of the options based on your liking. And now, you need to switch the machine on and that is it the machine does the rest of the thing.

You can also program it to come on at a time based on the time you have set it. You can have naturally prepared hot cup of coffee after coming back from work or after waking up early morning from your bed. You can easily utilize this machine and the inward stockpiling will keep the coffee in general hot for longer than a carafe would actually do.

The carafe absence means there is a lack of carafe in this machine which likewise improves the procedure of cleaning in all the ways. The coffee is maintained hot for around four hours in this coffee machine, which is really useful for these machine varieties. The tasty coffee is made with a decent flavour with no burnt taste like any other models of coffee maker. You can be able to taste the contrast between the standard and the intense mixes.

If you’re looking for how the Hamilton Beach BrewStation compares to alternative drip coffee makers machines, we recommend you check out our full guide to the best drip coffee makers, which can be found here.

Features of Hamilton Beach BrewStation coffee  machine

hamilton beach brewstationDifferent features of the hamilton beach brewstation coffee machine which offers comfortable dispensing with one hand compared with the other designs of coffee makers.

  • Versatile options of brewing: You can pick on the machine from the options of brewing that is an iced coffee, regular brewed coffee, or bold brewing for getting strong coffee flavour. You can pick and brew the coffee in little batches of coffee of about in one or three cups.
  • Dispensing with one hand: There is no carafe, with its absence, you can just pop up the coffee cup under the spout of dispense and you can distribute one cup at a time.
  • Automatically shut off: Always make sure that you never forget in shutting down your coffee machine so that you don’t waste your cash or waste the power. You already have the option to select for shutting shut off the machine automatically from hours of about one to four.
  • Built in water heater: The built-in heater of water makes sure that the temperature of water is consistent. And no heating plate indicates that your made coffee does not have the taste which is scorched that few coffee makers possess.
  • Simple to utilize: This coffee machine is one dispensable machine and it is very easy to utilize it. There is no pouring or spilling of the coffee everywhere.
  • Large capability: It has the higher capability of brewing up to twelve cups of coffee at once. At a time about twelve people can drink coffee at once.

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Pros and Cons of Hamilton Beach BrewStation coffee maker

hamilton beach brewstationAs with any drip coffee maker, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this baby jumper from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the Hamilton Beach BrewStation.


The main pros of picking this coffee maker are:

  • There is no carafe, so there is no cleaning additionally and there is no option of substituting the carafe that is broken and coffee made remains hot for longer time.
  • There is a programmable setting of on and off, which makes you to get up for a fresh and nice tasty coffee.
  • It comes for a better cost. This coffee maker surely comes at low price that is affordable to you.


The main drawbacks in selecting this machine are:

  • There is no carafe, when you feel like drinking the entire coffee amount that is brewed, you cannot be able to tip it inside the sink. Until everything is gone, you are required to fill and refill the cup.
  • If you put the machine underneath the cabinets, it is not possible to move this machine as it has a rubber feat which tends to it for not moving easily in and out.

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Tips to use Hamilton Beach BrewStation coffee machine to the fullest

These are the tips which make sure that you get tasty and good coffee:

  • Ensure that the machine is descaled in a regular manner.
  • It is important to ensure that the coffee maker is cleaned thoroughly and regularly.
  • Utilize good quality of coffee.
  • Also, utilize the fresh quality of ground coffee.
  • Before your brew the first pot, make sure that the coffee maker is primed. So, run the two cleaning cycles.

The things incorporated with Hamilton Beach BrewStation machine

  • Carrying tank for filling the water in the water tank.
  • A manual for instructing the users.
  • One hamilton beach coffee maker.
  • A genuine twelve months warranty.

You also have some additional options to buy along with this coffee machine like twelve cup machine, ten cup coffee machine, and extra warranty of about three or four years etc.

Our Final Thoughts

hamilton beach brewstationHamilton Beach BrewStation coffee machine is better for the persons who wishes to have a simple and easy to utilize machine. It also beneficial to the individuals who are normally bit clumsy and with the dropping or spilling or carafe breaking habit. There is an absence of carafe in this machine.

So, it is not suitable to households of many individuals who like to brew coffee in a different way. If one person likes regular coffee and others like bold one, or other type of coffee then it is not suitable for those individuals. There is also no choice of brewing the coffee in different pots.

Anyway, the missing of carafe is plus point in this coffee. It makes a tasty and amazing brewing coffee. The timer that is programmable makes the coffee at particular amount of time for you. So, this coffee machine is the best purchase for enjoying tasty coffee.

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