No Grinder? Here is How to Grind Coffee Beans Without A Grinder

If you are a coffee lover, then you cannot do any of the works without drinking a cup of coffee. That too especially in the morning, without coffee the day won’t be fulfilled for you. In case of the coffee grinder broken, you might be in the confusion about what to do next for coffee. Just throw away your confusion, here are some of the suggestions to grind the coffee beans. The highlights of grinding coffee bean are, you can do it in a simple way by just using the tools from your kitchen tools. At that time of traveling, if you want to drink the homemade coffee buy any of the tools from nearby shops or take the tool to grind the coffee bean along with you to make a fresh hot coffee.

How to Grind Coffee Beans Without A Grinder

Some of the tools to grind the bean to brew a cup of coffee are as follows.


If you have ever used the blender you might have some ideas to grind coffee beans. If you have not tried, then you do not know how to handle it. Use the following trick to grind with your blender without spoiling it. Initially, add a little amount of beans and then grind it with short bursts of power to make beans into proper consistency.

Once the beans get proper grind, remove it and then add a small number of coffee beans to grind. This process may take some amount of time when you plan to brew a large quantity of coffee. But it helps to prevent the blender blades from getting spoiled.

Mortar and pestle

Even though we are using the latest technologies to make our work easier and to complete it in a short time, still sometimes we depend on the old process. Yes, Mortar and pestle is the next choice to grind the coffee beans. This might be an old one but it is still pretty cool to get the proper consistency.

In some kitchens, we can find it, as it is used for aioli, pesto or chimichurri. Even if you are not getting a perfect grind, you can get a pinch of beans for a cup of coffee. Make sure that, while handling be careful as you do not grind it in a bag of un-filterable dust.  Just add as many beans that can it into the mortar. After you kept in a mortar, with the help of the pestle crush the beans in it.

Hand mincer or grinder

Are you not familiar with this item? It is a material which helps to cut all types of meat and vegetables. Hand mincer is also known as meat grinders. It functions similar to the old metal pencil sharpeners that you have found or used in the school days. It can be made of either plastic or stainless steel along with an internal blade assembly and a hand crank.

It can chop up vegetables or even coffee beans by operating a hand crank. Be sure with the number of coffee beans you needed to grind. Place a cup or bowl where it can get the coffee grounds at the time of exit. Shift the grinds, again and again, to turn the larger pieces into powder.

Meat tenderizer

It is a small tool that has head of the mallet with two flat sides, covered in little bumps or spikes. It is basically used for softening and flattening cuts of meat which is also called meat hammer. While using it, you can enjoy a lot with this tool. Take a zipper freezer bag and fill the bag by pouring coffee beans. Seal the bag by pressing the air out which helps to avoid popping. To avoid the damages with the meat tenderizer wrap the bag in a dishtowel. Hammer the beans with a small force as much as possible evenly. Not to render your coffee bean useless, after few hits check the process.


Everyone must be familiar with this tool, as it helps in driving the nails into a certain thing. It does work similar to the meat tenderizer. You will not be able to get the best results in grinding it but with results got, you can able to brew coffee. Similar to the meat tenderizer process, take a zipper freezer bag and fill the bag by pouring coffee beans, seat the bag and press the air out. Cover it with a dishtowel and hammer it evenly. Use these materials in the time of traveling or in an emergency situation to enjoy a cup of coffee.