How to Make French Press Coffee

Some people love coffee more than their kids. Just kidding but am I really. But seriously coffee for many Americans is like air to our lungs, we drink it in the morning. Sometimes we drink in the evening and sometimes we drink it late at night. It all depends. If you choose to engage in any activity often you get more enjoyment out of that activity if you learn how to do it properly. Let’s take sailing for example, people who are avid sailors will tell you the more you learn how to do it properly, the more enjoyment you get out of that activity and this same analogy can be applied to brewing coffee properly. There is a proper way to brew coffee just like there’s a proper way to cook a ham and cheese omelet. And coffee for some is like wine to an oenophile. There are enormous benefits to learning how to brew French Press Coffee properly and, in this article, I will tackle some of the ways this can be accomplished. But before we go over the proper way to brew French coffee let’s talk about the benefits that come with drinking your average cup of Joe. Many people engage in the act of drinking French Press Coffee without a care in the world. Few people really think about the health benefits and advantages to drinking coffee so not only will I tackle the proper way to brew coffee in this article I will also talk about some of the hidden gems and some of the benefits to choosing to drink French Press Coffee.
Let’s talk about health baby
More than 60 million people engage in the act of drinking coffee daily. You also have many people who have issues with diabetics, suicide, depression, and Alzheimer disease. These same people often engage in a cup of French Press Coffee routinely. And simply engaging in this casual simple pleasure, one can improve their health drastically. For example, those who engage in 6 cups of coffee per day lowered their risk of diabetics by 22%. In additional there have been studies that have shown that engaging in coffee drinking can reduce one’s chance of acquiring Alzheimer’s diseases. Properly roasting and pressing coffee can isolate the compounds in coffee that may be responsible for preventing the build-up of the brain plaque believed to cause the disease. Significant studies have also shown a reduced risk in suicide for coffee drinkers. Baby blues are a real issue for many women. The clinical term for this health issue is postpartum depression. As a mother I can tell you this is very real. The roasted seeds of berries from certain Coffea species have been naturally proven to diminish the horrible effects of depression. Coffee drinkers have less risks of heart disease. Researchers have found that individuals who consumed 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day were less likely to show the beginning signs of heart disease. The heart is responsible for pumping blood to all our major organs. Is it not to one’s advantage to take steps to make the heart as healthy as possible?
Help I’m sleepy
Besides the health benefits I have alluded to thus far. French Press Coffee has revitalization benefits. Let’s face it we all have more to do in 24 hours than is humanly possible. And many of us find ourselves in compromising positions where fatigue is a real issue. That mother who has to prepare dinner for her family has very little time to grab a nap. The exhausted otolaryngologist who has to complete an emergency ear, nose, or throat surgery has very little time to grab a quick nap. However, he or she may have 5 minutes to quickly drink a rich, heartily cup of French Press Coffee on the way to that emergency surgery. Hence, the need for a stimulant to get tasks done. The buildup of adenosine causes drowsiness by slowing nerve cell activity. The caffeine in coffee wakes you up by deceiving adenosine receptors. This helps to naturally “pick you up” so you are able to get tasks. So not only is French Press Coffee delectable there are natural benefits as well.
Now that we have discussed some of the rewarding benefits to drinking French Pressed Coffee let’s talk about how to do it properly.
First things First
Before you engage in making your first cup of mouthwatering French Pressed Coffee, you have to first purchase the right equipment to make your delicious cup of Joe. There are many models available for you to purchase. Prices can range from $9 bucks to $60 or beyond. It is up to you how much money you want to invest and which brand you want to purchase. As a consumer do your due diligence and read reviews from previous customers. Keep in mind just because a product is nominal in price it doesn’t mean that product is subpar. Likewise, just because you purchase the most expensive product it doesn’t mean you will be become a coffee superhero. The better approach is to do your research and make an intelligent purchase that you feel comfortable with.
Variety is the Spice of life
There are many different brands of French Pressed coffee available for combustion.
Stone Street Coffee
The Chosen Bean Premium Cold Brew Coffee Coarse Ground
Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee
Cold Brew Lab Ground Organic Coffee
French Press Specialty Coffee
Lavazza 2-pack Crema E Gusto Ground Coffee
Just as you research the appropriate equipment to make you scrumptious cup of steaming French Pressed Coffee you also want to research the appropriate brands available for purchase. You may want to frequent your local store or grocery to see if they stock your favorite choice. And have fun deciding which one you like the most. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find your favorite. Your taste buds will thank you later. You can’t make French Pressed Coffee without grounds to make it. A righteous batch of French press coffee requires a course, even ground. So, mix and match and experiment with different brands at home until you find the one you relish the most.
The first step

Rinse your beaker with hot, steaming water. The proper way to prepare French Pressed Coffee is to grind the beans. Which mean if there are in bugs or matter in your beaker it will be grinded into your coffee. Unless you like ants or other insects in your French Pressed Coffee it is probably a phenomenal idea to wash your equipment in scalding hot water. The last thing you want to do is find something floating in your succulent cup of Joe. Not only will this properly sanitize your equipment and get rid of unnecessary containments, it will also prepare your equipment for proper brewing. This will help your temperature to remain steady within your equipment and this will help you solidify the best cup of coffee.
The second step
Now that you have thoroughly cleaned your beaker you can add your coffee grounds. This is when you begin the actual brewing process. By now, I am quite sure your mouth is watering as you anticipate that first delectable sip. Nothing can compare to the wonderful, savory, golden liquid gliding down your throat. But don’t rush this process. Learning to properly brew French Pressed Coffee is a skill to develop just like any other skills. Chances are as a novice you are going to make some mistakes. In this second step you want to add your coffee grounds to your beaker approximately 70 grams. As for the water, there are two ways of adding it. You can either fill the beaker with hot water from the start or add it slowly and continuously. You want to add twice as much water as coffee grounds. For example, if you add 70 grams of coffee you want to add 140 grams of water. As for adding the water there is no special magic here. Some say adding the water slowly helps to release the flavor and aroma of the coffee grounds. Part of the delectableness of coffee is the aromatherapy of the heavenly smells and this is ascertained during the brewing process. The procedure is also called part of the blooming process. When the grounds are hit by the hot water, it’s almost like they effervesce and rise up. And it looks almost like a bloom of a flower. Again, there is no right or wrong way to do this. As you brew coffee and get use to the coffee maker you will gradually learn what is best for you.

The Third step
By this time, you should have an amazing bloom. You want to be mindful of the spoon you use to properly stir your bloom. You don’t want to rush the process; you want to allow your French Pressed Coffee to properly bloom for at least 35- 45 seconds. And you want to use a large wooden spoon to stir your bloom. You don’t want to cause your bloom to crack. You want to stir it enough to allow the bloom to sink completely on the bottom of the beaker. You also want to avoid not allowing coffee grounds getting wet enough, what will result is coffee grounds floating on the surface of the water. The result of this occurring is simply bad and disgusting coffee. And that’s no fun at all. Also, as you stir with your wooden spoon this is part of the diffusing process with aids is the delicious smell of coffee as it brews.

The Fourth Step

Pour the remaining water. Time is a major factor as it relates to properly brewing French Pressed Coffee. Four minutes is the proper time to brew French Press Coffee properly. The first time you attempt this you may want to invest in using a timer. Although 4 minutes is debatable. Some brew their coffee for 7 or up to 8 minutes. Time is at your discretion. You may want to experiment with your brewing time in order to make your coffee to your taste.
The fifth step
Now you want to press the plunger. There is a common mistake that is often made when individuals attempt to make French Pressed Coffee. This needs to be done delicately in order to avoid making your coffee bitter. You do not want to press the piston/plunger too quickly. Brewing French Press Coffee is a very gentle process. Pressing the piston too quickly disrupts the coffee grounds and releases a bitterness that spoils. And no one enjoys a cup of bitter coffee. You want to do it steadily. Sometimes, it gets harder to press it, as the grounds get thicker. Back the piston up a little, then plunge again. Remember this can be a tedious process but it will be well worth it. When you get to the bottom, your coffee’s ready.
The sixth step
Now here comes the best part. You get to pour you coffee. You don’t want to pour the coffee as fast as you’ve reached the bottom with the plunger. If you do this, it will continue to brew uselessly. A better approach will be to allow your coffee sit for a minute or so, in order for the little bits of grounds to settle completely on the bottom of the beaker.

The Seven step

Enjoy! Nothing can compare to a warm, delicious, cup of Joe. And nothing is quite as delectable as a cup of French Pressed Coffee. So, sit back relax and sip your coffee. If you have a deck and can take your cup and sit in your favorite rocking chair and read your local paper it can be even better. Close your eyes sip and savor the delicious goodness. If you can add a delicious blueberry scone you can almost pretend you are in heaven. It is the simple things in life that make like worth living.