Moccamaster KBT Review | Drip Coffee Makers For 2021

moccamaster kbtIf you are the person who likes a steaming cup of coffee now and then, it’s better to invest in a coffeemaker. There are so many out there, but your best bet would be the Moccamaster kbt, it’s the best bet with the sleek design also an expensive appliance too. The coffee maker doesn’t disappoint in the coffee-making as you get an excellent brew right under six minutes, which is a mean feat.

The water gets heated up at very high temperatures after you set it on and in no time you have your brew ready. It’s big and bulky, and hence it will be difficult to stove it away in cabinets or the kitchen with less space. Though the design and brewing itself is a mesmerizing watch. The coffee maker is good to make ten cups at a time and would be an excellent buy if you are happy to shell out for this expensive appliance.

The exception of drip coffee is what you can get from this state of the art coffee maker. The features and design ratings have variance. The performance being excellent cannot always be the criteria to pick this appliance, but if you want your coffee to be the best.

Buying this appliance would be a dream come true for you; it’s a good investment if you are a regular coffee drinker and willing to spend as much. It may fall into the category of premium coffee machines, and it’s good to think over when you are out there to invest so much in a coffee machine. The coffee brew turns out awesome, and the design is better, hence, in a way, the cost may justify to a certain extent.

If you’re looking for how the Moccamaster KBT compares to alternative drip coffee makers machines, we recommend you check out our full guide to the best drip coffee makers, which can be found here.

Features of the Moccamaster KBT 

moccamaster kbtThe coffee maker has absolute clean lines and a lot of negative space, which gives it a contemporary look, but this makes it huge and space-occupying as well. There is a trapezoidal water tank that hard plastic funnel, which makes the boiling of water look spectacular.

The Moccamaster kbt has a unique carafe that doesn’t have typical spout but high collared metal funnel, which allows the user to pour the brew in any direction and not cause spillage.

There is an extra button that is to be switched on when you switch on the coffee maker. It helps you to prevent any scalding lest you forgot to put on the carafe in its place when the brew is being made.

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Pros and cons of Moccamaster KBT 

moccamaster kbtIts heavy with all the detailing and design and quite tall to exactly fit into any cabinet so must have a place that right on the kitchen counter. Though the people who have made it have put a thought on the functionality aspect I great detail. You could easily remove the water tank and fill it up or take another container and use it to fill in easily.

It is all because of the wide mouth there isn’t a need to struggle to get the water in. Moccamaster kbt is useful when you are too sleepy and tired, and you wouldn’t have the best focus. It gives the user the ease to operate it without much ado.

There are marking on the water tank to specific the level in both liters or cups measurements, whichever the user prefers. The cleaning is pretty much easy as well and isn’t painstaking even it is a big machine and may look complicated. You could do this all by hand and need not use the dishwasher for it. It is quite easy to operate even though the design spells difficult.

You sure to get that excellent brew right away. The carafe is double-lined stainless steel to store your brew when it’s done; this enables you to keep the coffee hot for some time. The coffee maker also comes with a five-year warranty. It is quite expensive for the pocket compared to other brands that are available in the market. The reputation for excellence remains intact.

They are known to get the best possible taste from the coffee grounds and heating to the exact temperature each time to give you that perfect coffee brew. If you happen to give a good quick rise of the carafe each time you make a new pot of coffee, you will the best tasting coffee brew each time.

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Our Final Thoughts

moccamaster kbtThe question is worth the buy, of course, it will be if you are a coffee aficionado, its definitely a good buy and if you could afford it. You should know that it doesn’t come with a grinder and other fancy stuff that you might expect with the price that you are paying to get it. It’s just a simple coffee maker but with excellent coffee brewing mechanism.

It is quite durable, and the long life makes it worth the money to a person who regularly uses coffee makers. It does make at the recommended brewing temperature. The pot of coffee is ready in just under six minutes, which is a good time for an excellent brew.

The quality of the product is high, and hence the pricing may justify there. It comes with two scoops for measuring out your coffee grounds, a starter set of filters and a Dezcal cleaner is provided as well. There isn’t an auto-on feature, but it does have an auto shut off, which works when 100 minutes are crossed. It is useful if you happen to forget to turn it off.

There is a feature that helps, when you take the carafe from under the drip from the filter housing until you put the carafe back under, this prevents the spillage and mess that might occur. You could easily make 10 cups of steaming hot brew at one go with the help of this coffee maker.

Copper is the heating element, which makes it so fast for the heating to be done. It isn’t noisy; you could go for paper strainers or buy permanent gold filters. You could do away with cleaning the water tank, and the lid an every few days with usual soap and water and wipe it down before fitting it back in onto the coffee maker.

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