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mr coffee optimal brewMany people feel that, they came start their day without drinking a cup of coffee. Making a cup of coffee is an easy job. But not for everyone. Many times even after multiple trial and errors, people fail to prepare a perfect coffee. The taste of the coffee mainly depends on how you brew your coffee powder and the temperature. For those who feel making good coffee is a tricky task, here is a solution. Mr coffee optimal brew can help you prepare the perfect coffee you are looking for.

In an era of technology, this coffee maker uses highly smart technology. This can be controlled by your mobile using mobile app. So this is a perfect suit for a smart tech savvy home. It gives you very great taste coffee just like the ones which you get at your favourite coffee day.

The flexibility of this coffee maker has certainly made this famous. This coffee maker is integrated with Belkin’s WeMo connected intelligent device platform. This technology allows you to command your coffee machine from anywhere by using your Belkin’s mobile app and a live internet connection. The best benefit of this coffee maker is that it offers you several programming picks so that you get varieties of brews.

Added advantage of this coffee machine is that it you can set a fully customised 7 day Programmable schedule for this mission and it runs on its own for an entire week. This WeMo app helps you interact better with the coffee maker. All you need to do is, just open the app, tap the Mr. Coffee icon.

Then you will see a green arrow below its name. Take on this arrow and you will be able to tweak the brewing schedule. The application also sends you regular notifications related to activities like water refill, replacing the water filter etc. This helps you to handle the machine very easily without much trouble.

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Features of the Mr Coffee Optimal Brew

mr coffee optimal brewMr coffee optimal brew stands out from other coffee because of its application based Technology. Unlike other ordinary coffee makers that use Programmable drip machines, this coffee machine is really smart and easy to use. This smart coffee maker is designed to communicate using wireless computer networks.

This optimal Brew uses Wi-Fi wireless network which can be controlled using Android iOS phones or tablets. You can also set the brewing time for an entire week. Say, if you want your coffee to be ready at 6 am every day, you can set the brewing time as 6 am and the cycle will run accordingly for an entire week. If you want to change the pre-set timings, then you can do that too by just clicking on the virtual brew button available in the application.

Usually people may additionally feel that programming a coffee maker to get incredible brew is a tedious activity or desires superb information. But that is a misconception. Programming your Mr coffee optimal brew is a very simple project. The smart coffee maker comes with a consumer guide which you may refer to begin with to program your coffee maker.

You have such a lot of programming alternatives available at the undertaking that you may adjust it all in keeping with your requirement. Even as getting ready espresso in normal manner, a common trouble that takes place is with its temperature and taste. If you heat the coffee more you’ll lose its taste. However this trouble can be suppressed with the aid of the usage of coffee maker. This coffee maker offers you very hot coffee without compromising with the taste.

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Pros and Cons of Mr Coffee optimal brew

mr coffee optimal brewThis coffee maker gives you about10 cups of coffee with in less than 8 minutes of time. So this cycle is considered to be very fast when compared to your old coffee brewers. When you have guests at home, you can instantly prepare coffee for them in a smart and controlled way.

You have a pause option which you can use in the midst of the cycle to stop it temporarily and serve coffee. The delayed brewing option helps you to start the process automatically after a fixed period of time.

It also has very less health hazards because the coffee maker comes with a thermal stainless steel insulated carafe. The stainless steel material is safe for health and the thermal insulated container keeps your coffee hot for hours. So you need not use any additional flask to maintain the temperature of your coffee.

This has very good water filtration system, where the water you use for making coffee gets clearly filtered and all unpleasant taste or odour of the water gets removed. The filter is capable of removing 97% of chlorine content from the water. This chlorine deposit can be easily eliminated from the machine with the help of a special cleaning cycle.

The coffee machine has got a removable water reservoir which makes it easy for you to add water to your coffee maker. The side loading filter basket can also be removed and cleaned regularly.

This coffee machine is designed with a special heating technology, where it heats the water up to its maximum brewing temperature. This gives you a robust coffee with full flavour and taste.

The varieties of options available on this coffee maker make it very easy to get a coffee of favoured flavour. You can make a normal coffee or a sturdy coffee which can be very flavourful. In case you playing tasting distinct strengths of coffee, then you may try this too by means of changing the programme whenever required. With this coffee maker, you need not wait for long time to get your brew. The brewing cycle of this machine could be very fast and you could get warm and attractive coffee within very short span of time.

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Our Final Thoughts

mr coffee optimal brewWith all the above advantages, Mr coffee optimal brew is a wholesome and worth coffee maker that may be without problems utilized by any person.

It makes a top-notch coffee brew in line with your taste. Get this smart coffee maker now and increase the smartness of your kitchen.

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