Mr Coffee Single Serve Review | Single Serve Coffee For 2021

mr coffee single serveCoffee ever since the Africans found thousands of years ago, it has been destined to reach all of humanity. It is not the work of the British men work who distributed it to the outside world but the power of the coffee itself.

Humans have the habit of sharing any good thing or good experience with their fellow species and even with the other living and nonliving things like animals and god statues. The next in the line to change the world of coffee drinkers and to bring new audience towards coffee is the mr coffee single serve.

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Features of the Mr Coffee Single Serve 

mr coffee single serveThe machine is integrated with smart features which can also be accessed with a smart mobile app. The app gives you prompt notifications on the remaining levels of coffee beans, water, milk and sugar. As seen earlier the default mode can be set and a scheduled timer can be programmed for different types of coffee drinks. This way the manual work is reduced and the coffee is ready when you reach your home or office. The new buzzword IoT ( internet of things) is compatible with the machine and it can interact with other smart devices in the environment like humidity checker, voice assistant devices etc.,

In addition to the above,  most devices employed in cooking activities lack self cleaning option. People always prefer devices with self-cleaning option whether it is air conditioner, iron box or water purifier. Keurig has heard this request and adopted self cleaning option inside the ingredient containers of mr coffee single serve.

This way if the machine has not been used for more than twelve hours it will automatically drain the milk container and flush it with hot water to avoid bacterial growth. If the user has turned on the preservation mode then the machine will freeze the milk to use for longer periods. Furthermore, the releasing end is also cleaned regularly by flushing hot vapour and water mixed.

Who is behind Mr Coffee Single Serve?

Mr. Coffee is a coffee brewing machine made by the geniuses from Keurig. Before learning about the machine, Keurig, the founder behind it should be visited. Keuring is a commercial beverage brewing company from the state of Massachusetts in the United States of America. The organization is founded by Dick Sweeney. He branched the from the parent organization Keurig Dr. Pepper. They play in the field of all types of brewing and continuously innovate, produce and deliver coffee brewing machines to customers of all fields.

To have an insight into their business of Keurig and their customer base a look at the sales figures they have achieved last year. It tells that mr coffee single serve has been bought by corporate offices of various multinational conglomerates, big cafe chains, small and medium cafe, home users like housewives and families and even public concerned organisations like government hospitals. The list does not end here but these are the current major areas of sales.

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What is this Mr Coffee Single Serve  Machine and why is it sold like hot cake?

mr coffee single serveThe mr coffee machine is a simple and portable coffee brewing machine the size of two shoeboxes kept vertically side by side. It is an all in one machine when it comes to coffee making, it has four containers where ingredients are dropped. Even the position of the container is designed with ease of access and thoughtfulness.

The top of the machine has the two containers for solid products – sugar cubes and coffee seeds. The top position makes it easy to drop from the packet. The other two inputs are given on either side of the machine. The milk and water can be poured in sideways and the spilling is also arrested from entering the internals of the machine.

Once the seeds are poured the mr coffee single serve automatically detects their moisture and roast them according to need. The roasting is also not done in a single shot but in a gradual manner to keep the coffee brew fresh when one takes the coffee. This timing of roasting and quantity of roasting adopts itself to the usage interval and coffee consumption timings of the user.

Working of Mr coffee Single Serve  machine

Continuing from the above roasted and ground beans, they are then poured in boiling water to extract the rich caffeine. This extract is then added to the milk simultaneously with sugar plus some boiling to give you the coffee. This is the default coffee mode setup in mr coffee single serve. The user also has the option to change the default mode according to his preference and options available to select are many.

Time to innovate using Mr Coffee Single Serve 

Most known drink types like cappuccino, espresso, double espresso, black eye, red eye, americano, long black, macchiato, long macchiato, cortado, breve, flat white, cafe latte, latte, mocha, Vienna, cafe au lait, affogato, iced coffee.

These listed are unique coffee drinks and people drink them in their true form or they also combine to bring a new taste. For example, one can mic flat white and black eye to reach a new taste which stands between strong coffee and strong milk  with a new look of brownish foam.

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Our Final Thoughts

mr coffee single serveIt is nothing but the marketing campaign of the “default make” feature discussed above. The user sets the required amount of sugar, water, brewing method of the coffee beans and also the milk quantity as the default mode. The machine takes all these inputs and will be readily available with the type of drink all the time.

Whenever the user approaches the machine and opts for “single-serve”, the drink is served immediately. Since the stress-relieving drink is best effective when served without delay. This is the feature mr coffee single serve which made Keurig acquire the market it has now and it is going to slow anytime soon.+

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Additional Single Serve Coffee Maker Machine Options