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oxo on barista brainOne of the best coffee brewers from the bunch of coffee makers is oxo on barista brain. It is very simple to utilize this machine. You just need to add the fresh ground coffee and fill the water cup with water. Later choose simply the number of coffee cups you are going to produce and the coffee maker does the remaining procedure.

The temperature of the water, the water volume, coffee, and the amount of time taken for extracting the flavour is observed by the microprocessor incorporated in this coffee brewer. This makes sure to get brew every time consistently.

Once the coffee is brewed entirely then it is simple to pour in the coffee cup. You just need to open the small door and then pour the coffee. The door seals again itself when the coffee pot is at rest. The coffee made in this machine is really tasty and good and offers a strong and nice flavouring.

It is actually authorized by Speciality Coffee Association of America which is actually a good coffee brewer hallmark. This item is not compatible with the transformers and its guarantee is not offered outside of the US. The price of this coffee machine is under hundred dollars and you can be able to do nine cups of coffee using this machine.

If you’re looking for how the Oxo On Barista Brain compares to alternative drip coffee makers  machines, we recommend you check out our full guide to the best drip coffee makers, which can be found here.

Features of the oxo on Barista brain

oxo on barista brainAlthough its utilization is simple, it has various highlights which makes it even more comfortable to utilize, the highlights are –

  • Controlled brew system of Microprocessor: Oxo On Barista Brain coffee machine runs based on the system of computing. It imitates the strategy of pour over for complete extraction. You can make two to nine cups in the single pot of this coffee brewer.
  • Rainmaker shower head: This best highlight means that the water is not entirely funnelled inside this coffee machine in a stream which is single. As an alternative, it is spread over the coffee ground surface for making sure that there is an even extraction and the complete coffee flavour is extracted from the machine.
  • Heater: The water boiled or heated is at the ideal coffee temperature. You will be getting a nice and hot cup of coffee. Yet it is not that hot that it does not pair up with the coffee flavour.
  • The interface of LED: There is an LED interface with the clock on its screen, which shows your coffee brewing status. It always shows countdown of freshness of your coffee. So that you don’t have to drink the coffee when it is not at all good. You can be able to set up the timer for period of twenty-four hours so that it comes on and start brewing your coffee accurately at the time you need it. Marking water tank: The tank of water in this machine has markings on it for every cup of coffee. You can see them clearly to know the target area until where you are pouring the water for certain cups you wish to drink.
  • Easy to utilize: This coffee machine is best for the people who need coffee after waking up, there is an auto option which can start the machine. You just need to enter the time you need coffee and it is done at the exact time easily by adding water and push the button after entering how many cups you want.
  • Best durable: It is made up of steel and plastic and is better durable one to use for a longer time.
  • Appearance: The aesthetics of this coffee machine is good. The unit is made well and possess a clear appearance.

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Pros and Cons of the Oxo On Barista Brain

oxo on barista brainAs with any drip coffee maker, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this baby jumper from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the Oxo On Barista Brain.


The pros to pick this machine than other models are:

  • With each pot you brew, you will get coffee taste consistent.
  • Simple to utilize and simple to pour.
  • It remains hot for longer times.
  • Certified by SCAA.
  • Carafe lid with the inner tube of mixing.
  • The indicator is incorporated that can tell when actually cleaning is required.
  • Brew basket of cone shape is available.


Even with the best benefits, there will be some cons which are not liked by individuals. Its process of brewing is so rigid that it is not possible to get freshly made coffee always.

For a few individuals, it is a pro being a tightly sealed carafe. It is also not possible to remove the water tank.

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Best tips to utilize barista brain fully

The few things mentioned here are the best tricks to use the barista brain to the fullest.

  • Always ensure to keep the coffee machine to be cleared and cleaned thoroughly and consistently.
  • Utilize the quality of good coffee
  • Ensure to descale the machine in a regular manner.
  • As directed by the manufacturer only utilize the coffee machine.
  • If you want the coffee to be additionally hot, then fill the hot water in carafe. Completely empty it and start to brew the machine. Then coffee is brewed and poured into the carafe.
  • For nine cups of coffee, approximately about 65g of coffee powder is grinded to produce it. If you wish to grind in a fine manner, decrease the coffee amount you utilize for your flavour that is balanced only if you don’t like your coffee to be strong. 

The things incorporated with oxo barista brain

  • The carafe which is stainless steel
  • A brewing basket
  • The manual instruction
  • The qualified warranty for one year
  • If your coffee grinder is not working and you are thinking of getting a fresh one. The oxo organization can produce a similar one for you.

Our Final Thoughts

oxo on barista brainOxo On Barista Brain is the ideal coffee machine which indicates that it is best for most of the individuals using it. But Oxo On Barista Brain is the best one for individuals who wish to have better and good coffee. And for the individuals who pre-set the things and forget as this coffee maker has auto option.

Oxo On Barista Brain is not much ideal for the people who is going to travel outside of the US and craves for the freshly made smell of coffee. From the explanation, you can now understand the reasons to purchase this coffee machine. It is the best coffee maker to buy as it has a simple design, easy to use, and produced delicious hot coffee.

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