The Best Coffee Everywhere With a Travel Coffee Kit

If you are traveling somewhere to the new place, whether for entertainment or your business visit, you just think on having the best coffee travel kit to make a great coffee. In fact, this coffee travel kit can easily fit into any suitcase, so you can simply carry along with other things. If you are finding the best coffee shop while traveling, they are frequently very expensive and you can’t find the coffee shop when you needed.

Necessity of travel coffee kit

Actually, there are some ready-made coffee travel kits available in the market that includes everything that you will want to make a brew on a move. When you make your own coffee with travel coffee kit, you just grab yourself a coffee and then begin making your coffee travel bag.

Things you will need to make a coffee travel kit

In order to make an excellent coffee travel kit, here are some things you will need that include:

  • An Aero Press and filters in a Ziploc bag
  • A Yeti 20 Oz tumbler, which is strong sufficient for Aero Press and also keeps coffee warm for many hours
  • A compact burr hand grinder
  • The freshly roasted coffee beans in a tightly sealed plastic container

Must-have items in any coffee travel kit

Some of the must-have items in any coffee travel kit are as follows:

Some kind of coffee brewer

You can prefer packing in your luggage either Aero Press coffee maker or any stove top pot. It makes you feel little bit more adventurous

Coffee grinder

Either a small electric coffee grinder or a manual coffee grinder

Coffee beans

Choose your most favourite coffee beans based on the brand.

Travel mug

You can choose the stainless steel camping mug that has capable to withstand bangs and knocks on a road or a perfect coffee thermos

Coffee scale

This is optional, but you can prefer to take your digital coffee scale


Burner or camp stove is also optional to take

However, the best travel coffee kit consists of all essentials for any coffee enthusiast who need to brew a coffee on the go.

Brewing a coffee with an excellent Aero Press coffee maker

Definitely, the Aero Press coffee maker is one of the greatest choices of coffee travel kit. With this travel coffee maker, you can make a delicious cup of coffee. Below are the steps to brew a coffee with this amazing coffee travel kit that includes:

Heat the water

Here, no equipment or time for precise temperature measurements. So, you can simply boil or run it via a standard coffee maker.

Grind the coffee beans

Grind the beans thoroughly, so you have sufficient for dual table spoons of coffee or around 30 grams. In order to make these things easy, you can simply fill 24 gram grinder that makes an accurate quantity for a 20 Oz tumbler.

Wash and let prepare the Aero Press

Place a paper filter in a drain cap and then wash it by using hot water. After that, you just place a cap on Aero Press and then insert it via your cup.

Steep the coffee

Once the water is ready, you just place the coffee in the Aero Press coffee maker, pour some water over and offer it a fast stir.

Drink and enjoy

For the additional light traveller, you can dispense by using a burr grinder and easily bring along pre-ground coffee.

Useful tips for traveling with coffee

One of the most essential things to remember while traveling with coffee is to keep the coffee grounds or beans as newly and freshly as possible. As extended as you have a covered airtight container, your coffee must be well preserved. Usually, the ground coffee has a ledge life of around 3 to 5 months, while a whole bean coffee can long last on the mantelpiece from 6 to 9 months.

In general, your coffee has a very strong fragrance. When you have fresh coffee and you are on the traveling, the good thing to do is to keep your container at first. It is also much essential to be noted that the minimal air you have in your container, it will remain fresh for a longer time. You can also store your coffee in the dark and cool areas that will also promote the longevity in your beans as well.

Let you have a great cup of coffee must be enjoyed wherever and whenever you are. Once you have chosen your brewing method and filled up your equipment, you are now ready for your upcoming adventure trip.